AWS VPC and Networking

Instructor: Chetan Agrawal

Works as Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS (UK)

Language: English 
Total Students: 27,000+

What will you learn and implement at the end of this course?
☑ Create new AWS account, IAM user, billing budget, alert, SSH key-pair for EC2 [for beginners]
☑ Understand relation between AWS account, AWS region, Availability zones and VPC [for beginners]
☑ Fundamentals of Amazon VPC and overview of AWS Networking
☑ In-depth understanding of VPC CIDR, Subnets, Route Tables, NAT Gateway, NAT Instance, EC2 security groups, NACL
☑ In-depth understanding of VPC Peering, VPC Endpoint, VPC Private Link, Transit Gateway, Site-to-Site VPN
☑ How HTTPS, SSL/TLS actually work and How to create and use SSL/TLS certificates in AWS
☑ How Route53 DNS and Elastic Load Balancer work
☑ Automate AWS infrastructure deployment using AWS CloudFormation
☑ 20+ hands-on exercises for all the topics listed above
☑ Bonus exercise - Host your own secure(https) static website on S3 using CloudFront, ACM & Route53
☑ Assignment - Multi-AZ deployment of 3-tier web application with RDS database, ALB over HTTPs with custom domain

Note: Make sure you are able to successfully complete all the exercises.

Course Curriculum