About me

I am Chetan Agrawal

Like most of you, I started my career as a Developer. However soon I realized that I like to automate things and then I moved towards scripting and automation. During my initial career I built a lot of tools which does similar (but not so sophisticated) job that DevOps tools like Ansible/Chef and Jenkins do. Soon a new term "DevOps" was coined and all these tools became popular.

Couple of years in DevOps space and Cloud became new big thing and it was perfect thing for me to learn at that time as it allowed me automate complete infrastrcture deployment in minutes. I got into one of the Client project who wanted to deploy their workloads on AWS and that was my first encounter with AWS, it was back in 2014. Since then, I never looked back and focused totally on AWS there by building solutions, designing architectures, building automation on AWS. 

Today, I am having 18+ years of IT industry experience and I am working in AWS domain from over 7+ years. I am experienced in architecting highly available, scalable, secure cloud infrastructure and building infrastructure automation using tools like CloudFormation, Terraform and more. I have designed and built numerous cloud solutions for startups to large global enterprises. I have also contributed to popular opensource projects like Ansible and Terraform.

Along with learning new technologies, I am passionate about sharing my experience with others. I believe that challenge isn’t in learning new technology but using the right technology in right way. I have been conducting practical oriented AWS Cloud Training from many years and my AWS courses has helped many professionals to start and uplift their career in AWS and DevOps space.

I believe in learning by doing and that's why all my AWS courses include lots of hands on exercises and assignments from very beginning. In my opinion, after you get basic knowledge of the topic you want to learn, directly go and implement small use cases. Go on further extending what you implement. In this process you will come across some roadblocks and that's where you learn and that learning lasts forever.

I hope to connect with you on this platform to make your learning journey exciting and enriching..

Happy learning !!


Note: My all courses are designed and created by me in my own capacity and does not have any relation to my past or current employment and employer(s).